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Hydra OMS is an open source application for managing service/job orders and business processes.

Hydra OMS is an open source application for managing service/job orders and business processes.

  • Do you have hundreds or even thousands of service orders every month?

  • Are these orders executed by complex, ever changing business processes with a lot of people and applications involved?

  • Do you want to raise your customers' satisfaction with the quality and rapidness of your services?


Automate your order execution flow

Hydra OMS uses BPM engine that performs all the business tasks. Say goodbye to lost, overdue and incorrect orders. Modify any business process on the fly — the changes come in effect immediately for all new orders.

Build powerful business process models

Design your business processes with ISO standardized BPMN 2.0 compatible visual editor. Set up SLA escalation notifications, branches and conditions for your process flow and integrate other software via API.

Provide your employees with a user-friendly order execution wizard

The sweetest Hydra's feature is the configurable Process Execution Wizard. Your employees do not need to remember all the monstrous process schemes. They just launch the wizard, input necessary data (with configurable context suggestions) and press the Next button.

Customize and integrate Hydra OMS with third-party software

Though the Execution Wizard comes pre-integrated with our Hydra billing system and has its own standalone web application, it is intended to boost your favorite software with almighty BPM power. Feel free to use our embeddable React-based JavaScript widget that is integrated with Hydra OMS server via the REST API.

Only Hydra has this feature

How does it work?


Design your process and configure the Execution Wizard

First, configure the order fields in Hydra's config file. Second, use the visual BPMN editor to model your business process. Third, set up a web form for each user task of the process. Engage all kinds of field validation, pull the information you need from an external database and don't forget to write the on-screen suggestions for your employees. You can even design custom forms, e.g. employee's available time slot selection interface for a field service job.


Put the service order into Hydra OMS

Usually initial orders come from your web site or by the ESB to Hydra via our API. When orders are created, handle them by launching appropriate business processes manually or automatically.


Execute the order and manage the outcome

While the business process is running, your employees fill in a lot of useful information: customer details, job details. This information is saved to Hydra's order and can be used later for reports and analytics. If you set up SLA timers on the business process and on its separate stages, your employee starts to get warnings in case something goes wrong, so he or she can proactively react and make things right before the SLA is broken. Do not forget to include into your business process direct feedback collection from your customer after the process is completed. It's one of the best improvement mechanisms ever invented.

Use cases

  • New customer connection/provisioning

  • On-premises equipment installation, service and replacement

  • Customer churn prevention

  • Re-billing (for services)

  • Return (for goods)

  • Claim management

  • One-off service provisioning

  • And much more!

  • With Hydra OMS, you can automate your order flow and
    seamlessly integrate it to your favorite software – from CRM to billing system.

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